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The Memories

Riverview Park in Des Moines, Iowa was around for over six decades. The number of people that actually experienced the park is shrinking and the memories will die altogether too soon. The remaining recollections are mostly ones of fun times and and good feelings.

guest's memories....

Early Business Card
The Beginning

What began in pre-1915 as a Zoological Garden in Highland Park, Riverview Park would become the best-known entertainment oasis in early Iowa history. Built upon a pseudo island by a group of nine businessmen, people traveled from all over the state to visit the colorful enchanted "island" .


This site sets it's focus on the Riverview no one today has experienced...the beginning of the park and the subsequent first few decades of Riverview's existance.

There are rides and events that were a part of Riverview history and few if any people alive today know of them. Our goal is to bring this history back to light for those that are curious and mainly to create a record of the way it was. We would like to share what we can and possibly have you relive one of those special moments.

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In the beginning.... an Island
In the end.... an Island

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