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The 1920's....

Over the next few years Riverview expanded by adding attractions. A Hippodrome, or arena to some, was built that seated two thousand people. Special acts, animal acts, musical reviews and concerts, and "death defyin" dare devils performed throughout the seasons.

The park was offering roller skating, bowling, dancing, picnicing, free outdoor movies, canoeing, boating and swimming all season long. There were also the games of the times and the especially popular "Zindra", a nationally known Palmist and Fortune Teller. Her Palmistry Temple in the park was very popular

The rides and attractions in the 20's included a Fun House, the Aeroplane Roller coaster, the Old Mill boat ride, the Whip ride, Miniture Train and a new Allen Herschell 3-abreast Menangerie Carousel

A zoo menagerie and monkey island surrounded by a moat became crowd favorites.

The 100 foot tall towering circle swing that revolved large rocketships in a circle high off the ground was nearly as popular as the large wooden coaster.

In 1927,$100,000 dollars worth of new attractions greeted the returning guests. The Tumble Bug ride was added. The large concrete center hub still sits on the island today and is in use as a base for the island's flag pole. A new fun house called Joyland replaced one that burned down the previous year.

Then in 1928, boxing featuring title bouts and wrestling were also great drawing cards for the park.

1929 saw the arrival of the Shoot the Chutes water ride with the boats traveling through a tunnel of love and ending with a slide down a 50 foot track splashing into a pool of water and a new Tipsy House walk through

Rides were continually added or deleted based on popularity and reputation It was a wondrous place day and night. The summers at Riverview offered entertainment and recreation for all ages.

The swimming beach and dance pavilion became two of the most popular areas of the park, earning reputations all across the state. Riverview became a must stop destination for leisure travelers.


1920's Riverview - click pictures to enlarge

1921 Old Mill

The Whip

The Zindra's Temple at Riverview

Zindra graphic

Early 20's Funhouse

1927 Tumble Bug

Tower Circle Swing

1920 Dance Hall