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The 1950's....

Into the 1950's Riverview was experiencing some golden years.

The postwar baby boom of the late 1940s and 1950s brought additional prosperity to Riverview. During the fifties, the post-war boom brought record crowds to Riverview. The park was again thriving. It was obvious to the owners that the families coming to the park now were third generation families consisting of three or four or more children rather than the one or two of previous years. The life of the park seemed eternal. The downside to this increased popularity was the rise of other amusement parks that presented stiff competition for Riverview. In 1948 there were only 420 amusement parks nationwide; in 1958 the number had grown to over 700. And, most significantly, Disneyland had opened. Generally considered the nation's first theme park. Disneyland represented the largest investment for building an amusement park that had been made up to that time. In spite of skepticism over such a new concept, the wonderous park was an instant success, drawing 3.8 million visitors to its five themed areas during its first season.

Probably one of the best remembered attractions was the annual 4th Of July Celebration with a Fireworks display that kept a fiery burst in the air at all times in an age where fireworks were all still launched by hand lighting and not computers. Quite an accomplishment as well as one of the best displays of the times.

Speedboat rides began on theone mile long lagoon. In 1950 two 18 Chris Craft Riviera runabouts, followed in the next couple of years by 19 Chris Craft Capri runabouts. If you ever got to ride in these classic polished wooden mahogany boats at Riverview, you are sure to remember the finale of the ride of racing through the bridge pilings

1959 - A new Schiff Wild Mouse was purchased by Riverview and became the second most popular ride in the park.

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1950's Riverview - click pictures to enlarge

The live Shetland Pony Carousel that children loved.

Turn yourself upside down in the Rock O Plane

The highly popular Wild Mouse ride.

Chris Craft speedboat taking off on a ride

One of the popular Chris Craft speedboats